Why the E-CODER®)R450i™?

Neptune’s E-CODER®)R450i™ pairs a smart solid state absolute encoder with a two-way fixed network radio frequency meter interface unit in one, simple-to-install, wireless package. With an enlarged LCD display and absolute encoder functions, the unit’s radio features licensed frequency operation for optimum read success and security. The E-CODER)R450i provides daily information – time-synchronized midnight readings, 24-hour consumption profile information, and leak and reverse flow notification. The E-CODER)R450i also provides proactive priority alarms for leak and reverse flow notification to utility personnel.


Key Features

  • Time-synchronized midnight reads
  • 24-hour consumption profile information
  • Priority alarms for leak and reverse flow notification
  • Simple-to-install wireless package
  • No need for truck rolls

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Benicia, CA

The City of Benicia, California, comprised of nearly 10,000 residential water services, recently set out to upgrade its metering technology to better serve its residents. 


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