Bringing the vital resource of water and people together to educate, inform and act to improve quality of life both locally and globally.

People + Water + Community

Water For People


Water For People - Woman fetching waterWorking in countries around the world, Water For People helps establish creative, customized, and sustainable solutions that provide clean drinking water, sanitation, and hygiene education.

The goal is to establish full coverage in an area, provide clean, accessible water for everyone in those communities, and make sure those systems are still working ten years and beyond. Neptune® is proud to support Water For People and its programs. We invite you to help us provide a better quality of life and a sustainable future across the globe.

Aqua Aid Helps Those in Need

Aqua Aid Assistance ProgramNeptune is proud to support Aqua Aid, an assistance program that helps Aqua America customers receive uninterrupted water service. Neighbors provide support within their own communities through this program - where 100% of each donation goes directly to those who need it and contributions are tax deductible.

The program is facilitated by the Salvation Army, which interviews customers to determine qualification for assistance. Once approved, credits are automatically applied to their account. Even $1 can make a difference.

Engineers Without Borders

Engineers Without Borders AuburnNeptune was privileged to have a presentation by the Auburn chapter of Engineers Without Borders USA. Members representing teams from projects in Lowndes County, AL, Rwanda, and Bolivia spoke with us about how this non-profit group looks to use their highly skilled volunteers to build a better world through engineering projects.

The goal is to empower communities to meet their basic human needs, including designs for safe water solutions, in the United States, and around the world. Engineers Without Borders welcomes volunteers, even those who aren't engineers, as well as donations to help support their important work. Join Neptune in supporting EWB, learn more, or get involved at: