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There are many different avenues to collecting the data that drives the software, including walk by, drive by, or AMI. All of these share the same function - receiving information. Only Neptune allows you to customize data collection to your individual criteria. One size definitely does not fit all. Neptune provides the flexibility to choose the right option, or hybrid of options, for you as your needs continue to change and grow.

Advanced technology options have flooded the water industry with new possibilities, from increasing efficiency and accuracy, to saving time and money. Neptune’s diverse team of industry experts across North America collaborate to bring new ideas to the forefront and create effective, future-compatible solutions for you. Our people develop our world-class metering systems and services with your needs in mind.

A better meter matters because of the technology inside. It works seamlessly inside the meter, the critical source that streams consumption activity into actionable data. As with all the solutions we bring to market, every unit is 100% accuracy tested, and all hardware is designed to be as intelligent as any component in your smart network. Neptune uses a build-on approach to metering technology rather than a changeout model to make the most of your existing technology investments.

Software is the engine that drives innovation and keeps an eye on your water operations to ensure that they are running smoothly. Arming yourself with detailed data helps you to make faster, more informed decisions and better respond to changing consumption trends. Our software works seamlessly with our metering solutions and products to increase the quality and speed of your critical information. Components work together cohesively to ensure that your operations run smoothly and optimally.

Solve business challenges across your utility with technology designed and engineered for the business of water. Achieve more with infrastructure and reap AMI benefits without operational burdens. Empower teams with metering solutions and actionable data to stay responsive, lean, and resourceful. Being your leading partner in water metering tools, technology, and connectivity, we will guide the way forward and connect you to what's next in water.



Technology designed and engineered to solve. Leverage powerful connectivity to stay lean and resourceful with innovations. Win your day with Neptune® solutions tailored for your utility.


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