Our Foundation is Our People
50th anniversary in Tallassee logo

Every single day, thousands of water utilities throughout North America count on the field-proven quality and innovation of Neptune. In this video tour of our facilities, you’ll see how Neptune strives to be your most valued partner through engineering and craftsmanship that are recognized far and wide. From lead free, bronze-body water meters to advanced radio frequency technologies to industry-leading software solutions, it originates in one place.We’re proud that nearly all of our products and systems are made in America – more specifically, our headquarters and manufacturing facility in Tallassee, Alabama, where we are proud to be celebrating our 50th anniversary. 

See for yourself how Neptune’s engineers and designers utilize state-of-the-art technology to visualize and continually test new concepts, which then take shape in the skilled hands of our seasoned manufacturing team. By keeping research and development as well as manufacturing under one roof, we maintain control over all processes with absolute commitment to quality.