What are water utility related managed services from Neptune Technology Group? Simply put, system monitoring, data handling, and storage services – all offered at one simple and comprehensive yearly fee.  This enables utilities to focus on their core business and no longer worry about handling IT functions.  Neptune, a trusted managed services provider, uses trusted data management capabilities through Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s top cloud services provider*.

Efficient and secure web hosting from best-in-class provider, Amazon, grants Neptune the ability to offer water utilities an extra degree of confidence in the management and storage of their data. Like AWS, Neptune has its own specialized managed services team in place monitoring the system performance for reliability and AMI accessibility.

Neptune includes a continuous-use license for our software, eliminating the need for large upfront capital spends.  Additionally, Neptune mitigates the water utility from having to manually download and install new operating system, security, and software updates – an often-complicated process. New versions are updated and applied automatically, eliminating unnecessary downtime. Moreover, large capital investments in server and network hardware becomes a thing of the past. As software increases in complexity and performance and as the data load grows, so does the computing power required to support it. Having a cloud-based solution aids utilities by removing the burden of computing hardware changes – entrusting Neptune to leverage their expertise as well as powerful hosting capability through AWS to manage evolving technological needs. Furthermore, the additional cost benefit includes time diverted from other necessary tasks and the need for IT personnel and expensive onsite infrastructure. No longer worry about outgrowing an undersized server or paying for server upgrades or replacement. 

Looking forward, Neptune’s software and services will continue to adapt, enabling water utility customers to take advantage of increased cost saving through existing secure and public communications networks. Neptune also believes in focusing on hardware efficiency for time and cost savings through direct communication to radio frequency meter interface units (RF MIUs) in the field. With increased data communication between MIUs and Neptune software, a utility will be able to:

  • Provide more dynamic services to large, commercial, and industrial metering customers;
  • Remotely turn on or shut off water for individual accounts;
  • Use the more-frequent metering information feeds for internal water-use studies.

Neptune’s managed services enable water utilities to focus attention on their customers and core business. With increased (and virtually unlimited) server space in a highly-secure yet accessible cloud, the need for onsite and utility resources to manage the infrastructure becomes burden free. Utilities can free themselves of the internal IT coverage obligations of network monitoring and software needs with Neptune – freeing them to concentrate on customer service, reducing Non-Revenue Water, and aiding in conservation efforts.



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