Why the AMR Handhelds?

Maintaining support to read R900® System endpoints through its internal HR2650i receiver, the Ranger™ 3XE and the Nomad® let you choose manual keyed entry, probed, and walk-by RF data collection methods at any time.

The Ranger can be paired via Bluetooth with the belt clip transceiver (BCT) for RF-activated data logging of 96 days of hourly consumption data. With the Trimble Ranger 3XE and BCT, your meter readers can quickly and remotely capture interval data as well as flags for leaks, tamper, and reverse flow from E-CODER®-equipped meters. They can also generate graphs of a customer’s water consumption for on-site presentment.

The Nomad has been designed to be more ergonomic than typical handhelds used by meter readers, at less than half the weight, plus its high-capacity battery ensures in-field performance throughout a full work day. Compared with other handhelds’ six-to-seven hours of power, the Nomad provides at least 10 hours in cold weather conditions and up to 15 hours under normal outdoor conditions.


Key Features

  • Supports manual keyed entry, probed, and walk-by RF
  • Significantly reduces reading time when connected to belt clip transceiver 
  • Address high bill complaints in the field via consumption activity graphs

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