Why the E-CODER®?

A true absolute encoder, the E-CODER® is the foundation of a smart water meter. In addition to all the features of a basic encoder register, when the E-CODER is connected to an R900® or R450™ RF MIU, it provides value-added PLUS features – leak, tamper, and reverse flow detection.

Utility software applications can use E-CoderPLUS information in billing, customer service, and operational reports. Providing 8-digit readings (absolute 9-digit meter readings on its display) and resolution down to 1/10th of a gallon, the E-CODER’s accuracy and reliability form a solid foundation on which to build and expand an AMR or AMI system. The E-CODER is available in two different configurations for specific applications – inside set and pit set. 


Key Features

  • Battery-independent metrology
  • True leak detection
  • No-flow and reverse-flow flag indicators by account
  • Tamper detection and meter diagnostics
  • Reduced water loss, maximum revenue generation

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