Why the ProCoder)R900i™?

The Neptune ProCoder)R900i is designed as an all-in-one package – pairing absolute encoder technology with the reliable connectivity of any Neptune R900 System endpoint. The ProCoder register provides an easy-to-read high resolution mechanical wheel bank combined with flexible AMR/AMI connectivity and is compatible with any Neptune mechanical meter. Integrated endpoints eliminate the hassle of wiring while reliably delivering accurate data to optimize system performance, improve customer service, and support water conservation initiatives.


Key Benefits

  • Streamline testing and onsite troubleshooting with an easy-to-read odometer and high-resolution sweep hand
  • Eliminate the hassle of endpoint programming and wiring
  • Flexible meter reading options with simultaneous AMR/AMI capabilities
  • 96 days of stored history
  • Prevent tampering and environmental damage with no external wires
  • Improve quality of service and billing accuracy with detailed consumption data
  • Pinpoint trouble areas quickly with flags that identify leaks, reverse flow, and tampering
  • Reduce inventory with an all-in-one register and endpoint package

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The City of Benicia, California, comprised of nearly 10,000 residential water services, recently set out to upgrade its metering technology to better serve its residents. 


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