Why the R900® Gateway?

Identify and resolve water-related issues quickly and easily with metering consumption data forwarded from R900® System endpoints. Receive alerts such as leak, reverse flow, and days of no flow to improve operations and customer support. The gateway’s radio technology processes multiple meter readings simultaneously to optimize your fixed network with high throughput reading performance.

Get the most value from existing endpoint investments with a gateway that easily integrates into the R900 System. Migrate at your own pace from a walk-by or mobile Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) system to an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) without the need for special reprogramming of endpoints. Designed for quick installation, ease of use, and flexibility, the gateway collects your data so that you can identify Non-Revenue Water and optimize efficiency.


Key Benefits

  • Supports 1-watt fixed network message from R900® endpoints, reducing infrastructure costs
  • No reprogramming endpoints for fixed network reading
  • Daily leak, reverse flow, and other alerts from
    E-CODER®-equipped meters
  • Maintains compatibility with existing R900s deployed

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