Throw out the log books, forget estimated reads, and improve accuracy and efficiency with RF technology that cuts down reading times. Take action when you receive flags for leaks, backflow conditions, and no-flow from meters every 15 minutes. Capture detailed consumption activity from the comfort and safety of your truck with the MRX920™ mobile data collector, then present graphs of that water usage to customers at their homes.

When you’re ready, feel free to mix and match AMR with AMI technologies, knowing that Neptune analytical software allows each component to work together as a complete system.., You have the freedom to implement R900® Gateway data collectors for fixed network data collection whenever you’re ready, and you can still use handhelds if needed for back up readings or field support

Reduce Non-Revenue Water. Have daily/hourly consumption activity delivered to you automatically. Split routes or group similar accounts for greater efficiency. Head off customer complaints over high water bills.

For mobile or fixed network data collection—or both at once— protect your investments in the field as your utility expands.



Technology designed and engineered to solve. Leverage powerful connectivity to stay lean and resourceful with innovations. Win your day with Neptune® solutions tailored for your utility.


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