Case Study | Johnson City, NY | Neptune Technology Group

Village of Johnson City, New York Water Department

In Spite of Flood, Staying on Top of Water via Neptune’s R900® AMR

The Village of Johnson City and its Water Department were hit by a catastrophic flood. The Department lost its building, its largest customer and 200 other accounts, and several personnel positions from a workforce reduced by budget cuts. Before the flood, 30% of old meters registered flow of 50%, and meter readings took six to eight weeks – read by distribution personnel. After the flood, hundreds of residences were unsafe for walk-by reads. Neptune’s R900® System for mobile AMR provided accurate billing, allowed all meters to be read in two days while keeping personnel out of flooded areas, and allowed those in distribution to be reallocated to maintenance. The first billing period after the after flood showed a $40,000-50,000 revenue increase.


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Johnson City, NY - Mary Beth DePugh

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