Case Study | Bloomington, IL | Neptune Technology Group

The City of Bloomington Water Department

Streamlined AMR Reads 70 Percent of 30,000 Reads in a Day, Reallocates Workload 

Bloomington's water meters were a mixed, aging assortment. Accuracy was a problem, the lack of a standardized system led to billing errors, and customers complained of high water bills. Three full-time meter readers walked routes every workday, with other employees having to fill in as well. A changeout to Neptune's highly accurate meters and a unified AMR system based on R900® RF technology led to increased revenue, improved customer service through data logging of water consumption, and the ability to read 70 percent of its 30,000 meters in a day – allowing former meter readers to move into more valuable positions.


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Bloomington, IL - Nick O'Donoghue

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