Make your data work harder for you and lift your IT burden with Neptune® cloud-based solutions. 

Streamline communications and expand your capabilities for more proactive planning, more efficient operations, and an improved customer experience.

In-house servers often have a support life of three years or less. Even in the best of times, you have to keep one eye on providing water to customers and the other on the state of your IT infrastructure.

Focus your full attention where your utility requires. Know that your AMR/AMI data is safe, secure, and readily available with a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution from Neptune®.

Put intuitive information into action for your smart water network with the Neptune® 360TM analytical software. Enjoy peace of mind with encrypted security as well as automatic upgrades and maintenance.

Connect seamlessly with industry-leading third-party applications using application program interfaces (APIs). Neptune has engineered and tested these APIs, putting in the work on our end to ensure you don’t have unnecessary work on yours. Win your day when you integrate actionable data across all departments in your utility.


Technology designed and engineered to solve. Leverage powerful connectivity to stay lean and resourceful with innovations. Win your day with Neptune® solutions tailored for your utility.

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