Long Beach, CA - SEER® Analysis Shows Value of Capturing Lost Water by Replacing Large Meters

Pompano Beach, FL - Refusing to Get Rusty as HP PROTECTUS® III S Stands Up to Ocean Air

Middletown, PA (Follow-Up) - AMI Expansion: Utility Takes R900® System Further without Moving an Inch

Montgomery, AL (Follow-Up) - Building on a Pioneer Success: Utility Plans to Go Further with R900® System

Cincinnati, OH (Follow-Up) - Neptune's R900® System Keeps Delivering for GCWW: By Mobile and More

Kamloops, British Columbia - Heading in the Right Direction with the
E-Coder®)R900i™ and R900® Mobile AMR

Pelham, Ontario - Immediate Operational Benefits with E-Coder®)R900i

North Dallas County, AL - Saving Resources and Labor with R900® Mobile AMR Technology

Charleston, SC - Ramping Up Reads in the "Lowcountry" with R900® RF Technology

Vulcan, Alberta - Identifying Backflow with the E-Coder®)R900i™ after AMR Meter Replacement

Gulf Shores, AL - Neptune Radio System Makes AMR a Day at the Beach

Tifton, GA - R900® Gateways Help Provide the Right AMR Combo for a Combination Utility

Middletown, PA - Freeing Up Manpower with R900® Radio Reads Instead of Touchpad Reading

The Keys, FL - R900® Gateway Fixed Network Data Collector Opens New Possibilities

East Orange, NJ - On the Air and On Target with Neptune R900® Mobile AMR

Tarrytown, NY - MRX920™ Mobile Data Collector Make Big Impact on a Small Utility

Greater Cincinnati, OH - Using R900® RF AMR Technology to Put People First

Bay St. Louis, MS - R900® Mobile AMR Helps Drive Up Efficiency for Water and Gas Metering

Lethbridge, Alberta - ARB® is a Powerful Customer Service Tool to Support C&I

British Columbia, Canada - Westbank Irrigation District Becomes First in Canada with 100% E-Coder®)R900i™ Implementation

Richfield, MN - R900® RF Mobile AMR Helps Drive Up Efficiency

Falls Church, VA - Big Impact in a Small Town: Neptune's ARB® Helps Falls Church Lay Ground for the Future

Raleigh, NC - MRX920™ Data Collectors Provide Mobile AMR in ARB® Utility Management System™

West Springfield, MA - Revenues Found by SEER® Lead to Self-Sufficiency

The Keys, FL - Acheiving 40-Fold Increase in Reader Productivity with R900® AMR

Hamilton, Ontario - Teaming with Neptune for Canada's Largest Universal  Water-Metering Project

Knoxville, TN - Seeing an ROI in New C&I Meters

Walton County, GA - From Direct Reads to Saving Time and Labor with R900® AMR

Okanagan Valley, British Columbia - E-Coder® Adds Value with Leak and Reverse Flow Flags

Elkins, WV - Cutting Reading Time Dramatically with the E-Coder® Solid State Absolute Encoder

Carthage, NY - From Manual Reads to Man-Hours Saved with E-Coder®)R900i

Dieppe, New Brunswick - RF AMR Technology Perfect for C&I Accounts

Warren, OH - SEER® Analysis Points Way to E-Coder®-Based AMR Efficiency for Water Department

Utica, NY - SEER® Helps Finds New Revenue for Mohawk Valley Water Authority

Prestonburg, KY - R900® RF AMR Allows Data Collection in Hybrid Environment

Prattville, AL - Mobile RF AMR Saves Time and Money for Water Works Board

Opelika, AL - E-Coder® Provides Proactive Water Loss Management and Customer Care

Montgomery, AL - Water Works and Sanitary Sewer Board Anticipated and Unanticipated Benefits from Meter Changeover and Mobile AMR

Fountain, CO - Using R900® RF to Take Control of Electric and Water Meter Reading

Pasadena, TX - R900® RF AMR Cuts Labor Costs and Improves Efficiency

Cincinnati, OH - Acheiving 99.4% Confirming Read Rate with R900® RF Technology

Drexel Hill, PA - Reducing Undetected Leaks with Neptune's Large Meters

Buffalo, NY - Seeing an ROI in New C&I Meters

Brooklyn Park, MN - From Customer Read Meters to R900® Mobile AMR

Brandon, Manitoba - R900® Mobile AMR Improves Read Success Rate from 80% to 99.9%

Borough of Ambler, PA - Improving Data Integrity with R900® RF Technology

Auburn, AL - A Hybrid Mobile and Fixed Network R900® RF AMR System Approach


Gibson County, TN (Follow-Up) - From Over-Tasked to Multi-Tasking with R900® Mobile AMR

Trussville, AL (Follow-Up) - The Beginning of the R900®G Endpoing, and a Complete Water-Gas Conversion

Washington, IN - Neptune R900® Technology for Gas Metering Applications

Trussville, AL - Providing Water and Gas DO Mix with R900® RF AMR

Gibson County, TN - Neptune R900® Technology for Gas Metering Applications

Murray, KY - Neptune R900® RF Technology for Gas Metering Applications