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The Complete Line of Commercial and Industrial MACH 10® Ultrasonic Water Meters

Available in sizes 3"-12", Neptune's commercial and industrial (C&I) MACH 10 meters combine industry-leading, best-in-class design with state-of-the-art ultrasonic measurement technology in order to maximize revenue for water utilities' highest value customers. 

The C&I MACH 10 meters allow for faster, safer, and easier installation, enabling your crews to focus on other critical needs. In addition, the meters have no moving parts, so require no maintenance or in-field calibration, saving time and money on unnecessary truck rolls.

Make the most of your investment with a durable meter that is built to withstand harsh service conditions. At the end of battery life, simply replace the factory-calibrated UME (Unitized Measuring Element) and let the meter continue to work for you without having to remove the maincase from service.

Like the MACH 10 residential and intermediate sizes, Neptune’s C&I MACH 10 features advanced ultrasonic measuring capabilities that provide superior accuracy and unparalleled flow ranges guaranteed over the life of the meter.

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