Battle Creek streamlines technology and transforms customer service

With the system it had in place, there was no way to move to fixed network, so Battle Creek sought a smarter solution – a single source to provide its meters and reading system. The City chose Neptune’s R900® technology for fixed network AMI, seeing that it offered not just long-range radio frequency capability but it enabled accurate, monthly reads from the previous vendor’s hardware – including during installation.

The City of Battle Creek had used the mobile metering system of a Neptune competitor for years, but got inconsistent AMR reads and installation errors from programming in the field.

Battle Creek has implemented technology it can customize to meet its challenges by switching to the R900 System. Without the need to reprogram in the field, or for an all-at-once changeout, the City has also been able to migrate when ready to fixed network AMI. Estimated reads have been eliminated while enabling data logging 96 days’ worth of consumption history to resolve high bills. The City is now billing down to the single cubic foot with better reading and billing accuracy. It’s reading the same endpoints via mobile AMR and can read meters multiple times per day using fixed network. For most of its service area, the City no longer has to capture meter readings by driving.

Now the City has technology that works for its unique customer base. As Utility Administrator Perry Hart put it, “Better data means better decisions, which means better services.” 


A future engineered to work as water evolves

No one knows the needs of the water industry like Neptune. And after 125 years in the water industry, no one understands the importance of the meter like Neptune. That’s where it all starts. Accurate, tough, reliable. And, that’s just the beginning.

Neptune meters give your utility the data you need to serve your customers and the technology to trust it. Customers demand more from utilities than ever, so our products have to deliver more. As the world of water changes, Neptune is there with the tools you need to stay out front. Every product, every app, every software solution we offer is engineered so that you can take action.

As the new president of Neptune, I’ll continue to put customers first. Without you, we wouldn’t be celebrating this anniversary milestone. More important, we wouldn’t have over 3,500 satisfied utility customers across North America.  While our industry is changing faster than ever before, Neptune continues to lead the way. With technology that works for you, the future of water is yours.

We hope to see you in Philadelphia for ACE17! Be sure and visit the Neptune Learning Center at Booth 3201.

– Don Deemer, President, Neptune Technology Group Inc.

Smarter solutions for the business of water - Neptune Learning Center at ACE17, June 11-14

The business of water is getting smarter with Neptune’s Learning Center at ACE17. Don’t miss this new experience – and an opportunity to get firsthand answers to the challenges your utility faces.

  • Improve water system efficiency by reducing Non-Revenue Water
  • Maximize operational efficiency as you leverage your existing resources
  • Utilize Managed Services for worry-free system monitoring – Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) solutions will help you take back your work day
  • Communicate easier with customers, sharing graphs to help them clearly see their own consumption
  • Integrate systems across departments with the expert partners of Neptune’s Connected Utility Partnership Program™

Learn more about how technology can work for you at Neptune’s Learning Center – Booth #3201 at ACE17, Philadelphia, June 11-14.


Your commercial and industrial meters drive much of your utility’s revenue. Forge a stronger connection to these high-value meters with Neptune’s new Cellular Meter Interface Unit (CMIU). This user-friendly solution leverages your existing 4G LTE cellular network. Target groups of large meters to complement your utilty’s existing R900® System. Or use CMIUs across your system, eliminating deployment costs and maintenance of advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

No more time-consuming, costly truck rolls or site visits to C&I meters. Instead, receive up to 96 readings per day automatically. Neptune’s CMIU is available in wall and pit options for any meter location. Keeping things simple, it works seamlessly with the N_SIGHT™ software suite to gather critical data.

Redirect resources and take back your work day. Deploy Neptune CMIUs where and when you need with incredibly flexible technology engineered to work for you.