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“It’s an exciting time at Neptune® as we work to solve the growing challenges facing the water industry, and transition our Company for growth in an increasingly complex industry. We emphasize adaptive innovations that make processes more efficient. Our approach is a build-on, rather than a change-out business model, which helps you make the most of your technology investments.

Because of our unwavering passion for excellence, we introduce our products only after extensive research, development, and testing. Neptune carefully considers the evolution of your utility, so you can count on informative and forthright answers and a tailored plan to solve your specific challenges.

In this edition of Connections, you’ll read about the Neptune MACH 10® ultrasonic water meter and how the City of Benicia, California is using the MACH 10 in service as part of its overall AMI program. Paired with Neptune R900® radio frequency technology, the MACH 10 will deliver timely, accurate information to Benicia over a fixed network.

AMR and AMI systems designed by Neptune allow you to build onto existing infrastructure and assets whenever possible. Working closely with our Connected Utility Partners, we’ll ensure “plug-and-play” functionality for software applications that help solve business challenges across your utility.

As President of Neptune, I can assure you that we will continue to invest in people and technology to advance our expert status in water. As we transition our Company and challenge the status quo, we’re building powerful connectivity that keeps your utility lean and resourceful, saving you time, labor, and money.

We’re here to help guide the way forward and connect you to what’s next in water. Thanks for connecting with us.”

–        Don Deemer, President, Neptune Technology Group Inc. 

Improving accuracy with the MACH 10® ultrasonic meter to increase operational efficiency and enhance revenue

Case Study – The City of Benicia, California

With a meter population that had become outdated, and a five-person crew stuck in a never-ending cycle of reading meters each month, officials with the City of Benicia, California knew it was time to make a change. They chose the Neptune® product following an evaluation process whereby multiple vendors showcased their ultrasonic meter and software functionality. The MACH 10® is free of the moving parts that wear down over time in traditional meters, meaning it will provide a high level of sustained accuracy over the life of the meter.

With new California legislation going into effect in October of 2017 stating that unaccounted-for water levels must be ten percent or less, Benicia was eager to get the MACH 10 in service as part of their overall Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) program. Paired with Neptune R900® radio frequency technology, the MACH 10 will deliver timely, accurate information to Benicia over a fixed network, allowing the City to:

  • Address apparent losses and identify non-revenue water (NRW) amid rate increases;
  • Implement water utility programs without having to invest in additional personnel; and
  • Offset unpredictable variations in water supply and storage due to weather

The new fixed network system is performing at above 99 percent message success rate, and allows Benicia to collect reads via mobile when needed. Now the City:

  • Reads and bills its accounts at the push to the button, eliminating an old and inefficient labor-intensive process while minimizing its environmental footprint;
  • Minimizes the requirement for additional personnel; and
  • Can reallocate existing resources to address main breaks, system leaks, and customer service

The Neptune MACH 10® ultrasonic meter

Smart begins at the meter

The Neptune® MACH 10® ultrasonic water meter is designed to answer the specific needs of resource-conscious water utilities everywhere. It combines advanced solid state metering technology with E-CoderPLUS output protocol for advanced flag features. An NSF 61-certfied lead free bronze meter maincase guarantees product durability, while the integrated radio option combines all the best features of the MACH 10 with seamless integration of the R900® radio to provide the best in operational efficiency for advanced metering infrastructure environments.

The bronze maincase of the MACH 10 was designed to eliminate the durability problems other manufacturers face with their plastic maincases breaking during installation or stripping threads. Combined with the Neptune-developed ultrasonic technology, the MACH 10 offers a maintanence-free design and sustained accuracy for the life of the meter.

The unique design of the MACH 10 makes installation simpler with a compact profile that easily fits within shallow pits and the smallest meter boxes.

More opportunities to reduce Non-Revenue Water

The MACH 10 provides continuous high-precision measurement, taking multiple samples per second, to ensure consistent and repeatable accuracy at all flow rates. Its wide operating range and sustained accuracy over time provides the utility with a consistent revenue stream without the decrease in accuracy typically seen in mechanical meters.

The MACH 10 can proactively identify leaks within a homeowner’s water system. This valuable information can allow the utility to notify their customers of a leak before an unexpected large bill is sent and possible bill dispute beigns.  

Learn more about the MACH 10 here.

Passing the Baton: An Interview with Chuck DiLaura

As Chuck DiLaura transitions to the role of president emeritus, we’re taking a look back. Over his 41-year career, Chuck contributed to the growth of Neptune® by tackling challenges, improving efficiency, and leading with a positive attitude. It made him a natural choice to guide Neptune into a new millennium. Now leaving Neptune an even stronger, more innovative presence in the water industry, Chuck reflects on his past achievements and future goals – from joining the Company straight out of college in 1976 to managing growing sales territories in the 1980s and 1990s to providing a holistic, integrated approach to Neptune as a water industry leader.

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