What is a Walk-By Network?

Get the most from your time in the field – with a Neptune walk-by system.

Step up cash flow with quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly billing. And when you’re ready to roll, you can move from walk-by to mobile with ease – reading the endpoints you already have installed – with the migratable R900® System.

Use the R900 System for detailed data logging in the field. Capture detailed consumption data from individual addresses, then present graphs of that water usage to customers at their homes, without having to return to the office.

Walking routes with Neptune’s R900 System, your utility can go where it needs, as fast as you need to get there. Toss out the log books, forget estimated reads, and improve accuracy and efficiency with radio frequency (RF) technology that cuts down reading times. Collect keyed, probed, or radio-transmitted meter readings all along the same route while you grab alerts for leaks, backflow conditions, and no-flow from meters every 15 minutes.


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