What is a Fixed Network?

Neptune's fixed network AMI brings daily/hourly metering data with detailed consumption info straight to you.

With fixed network AMI technology from Neptune's ARB® Utility Management Systems™, your water utility will not only achieve fully automated daily meter reading without a truck roll but also have the ability to boost customer service, water conservation, and equally important – revenue.

How to read more water meters more quickly is one thing. How to go beyond reading and billing is another. Enjoy accurate daily reads as well as leak, tamper, and reverse flow data. Address high water bill complaints with historical consumption graphs detailing daily or monthly usage for a single account. When water is scarce, help conserve it, with hourly, daily, and/or monthly consumption data that end users can monitor themselves.

Choose Neptune's migratable R900® radio frequency (RF) technology for a futureproof system. Reduce or even eliminate truck rolls with final daily reads for move-ins and move-outs – while still having the option of walk-by or mobile reading should you need them.

You can reduce Non-Revenue Water. Split routes or group similar accounts for greater efficiency. Eliminate the time and cost of truck rolls for off-cycle meter readings. And head off customer complaints over high water bills.


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