How to Choose

Your utility is different. Your location, number of employees, the number of people you serve, the age of your community's water infrastructure, your financial challenges – and that's just for starters. Then there's your metering system. How do you gather information? How often? What's your billing cycle like? Do you need to replace meters or add new ones to your system?

Just as your circumstances and challenges are unique, your solution should be too. With our ARB® Utility Management Systems™, Neptune is ready to meet you where you are, and help get you wherever you need to go. Talk to your nearest Neptune sales representative. They'll listen to you to understand your utility's challenges and goals, and then help you choose the right system, components, software, or other tools to meet them.

You may only need a walk-by meter reading solution. Or maybe you want to mix in some mobile routes. Or a fully fixed network implementation. Or a system that allows you to move from one of these to another without stranding assets. Neptune makes it easy for you to choose a system that does everything you need it to now, while giving you the flexibility to build on the assets you already have and do more at some point in the future. You choose the path that best suits your needs. And the starting point is Neptune.



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