Neptune has served the water industry for over a century, and seen our share of droughts. Knowing the challenges utilities face firsthand – including our utility customers in drought-prone areas – we’ve worked with them to develop new innovations and increase their operational and water efficiencies. Check out the recent feature in WaterWorld describing Neptune’s two-pronged approach to water efficiency. Continue below to see how our AMR and AMI Systems have helped our utility customers take control of Non-Revenue Water while meeting state and locally mandated conservation initiatives.

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Neptune provides innovative, migratable AMR and AMI Systems and metering solutions that enable long-term planning. As states increasingly call for reductions in water usage and loss, our customers already have the tools – such as the SEER® program to identify inaccurate meters and justify meter changeouts –in place to meet new mandates and regulations. Learn how the following tools can help reduce Non-Revenue Water, address consumption anomalies, and improve the measurement accuracy of Revenue Water.

Usage Profile Analysis Using daily and even hourly consumption data, proactively alert customers to leaks or excessive usage and help enforce conservation initiatives.

Custom Leak Detection Quickly identify amounts, times, and dates of water loss for specific accounts – preventing high water bills and saving precious water.

District Metered Area Use N_SIGHT™ host software to compare water consumption among similar groups of meters that can then be compared against master meter accounts down to the neighborhood level.

Water Audits Recapture Non-Revenue Water by using advanced, data-driven AMR/AMI tools to compare water produced versus water billed within the distribution system.

See how utilities throughout the West are using Neptune's AMR/AMI Systems to recapture Non-Revenue Water while helping customers change their consumption behavior.

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